Olismera is an Italian company specialised in the study, creation and distribution of nutraceutics, functional food, cosmoceutics, standardized extracts of local plants and fruits from the Mediterranean region.

Every Olismera formula lays its foundations in Pharmaceutical Galenic and Botanics. Olismera stems from the devotedness of two Calabrian brothers, both galenic pharmacists, to the chemistry of God and perfection of Nature. As a matter of fact, Giuseppe and Guido unhurriedly reside in Filogaso, a small village in the Calabrian hinterland, between the Coast of the Gods and the mountains of Le Serre. This “slow life” whispers about genuine and natural foods, crammed with active agents and lacking chemical treatments; it narrates of lost oils fragrances and rare officinals, of ancient olive groves and plants brought by olden merchants from Magna Graecia, from islands of saltiness, sun and wind full of grains.

Formulae wise, Olismera utilises plants moulded by the Mediterraneo and naturally rich of micronutrients that are concentrated, bioavailable and served in a functional manner thanks to the usage of innovative matrices and natural bases.

Olismera supports cooperatives and smaller companies in neighboring territories and regions to endorse local productions of Southern Italy and prevent the extinction of rarefied plants. Olismera believes in the compromise between beauty and health, highlighting the evolution of the “green Chemistry” through which obtain specialized products given the usage of naturally derived ingredients. The effectiveness and safety of Olismera formulae are guaranteed by the non-stopping scientific research carried out in collaboration with prestigious universities, research centers, and laboratories of production. The used raw materials are supported by numerous pharmacological and clinical studies published in leading international journals. Moreover, a meticulous and constant monitoring of the entire production process makes it possible to get products that meet high-quality standards. The examination over the feedstock, produced by selected suppliers, the cooperation with technologically advanced companies, the choice of local and wild plants make Olismera a reality suspended between ethical galenic and a conscious future.

The egōlio® line, by Olismera, is distinguished by a group of products that refer to the classic galenic of oily preparations. The egōlio® brand emerges from the fusion of the Latin term “ego” (I) and “oleum” (oil) to emphasize the oily (lipophilic) nature of the cells that constitute our organism, oil being second only to water. Valuable functional oils are therefore an active part and vehicle of auxiliary substances in such formulae.

Olismera uses genuine and natural ingredients, full of active agents and free of chemical treatments to enhance the wholesomeness of our body, the quality and well-being of our life.
De facto, precious active ingredients and essential oils are obtained from wild officinal plants according to natural processes. Essential oils not only produce inebriating fragrances, but they are also functional active agents that calm, rebalance, detox and regenerate the body and soul.

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