Behind every perfume there is a profound olfactory, sensorial and emotional experience. The sense of smell, or rather, the area of ​​the brain that processes the sense of smell, is connected with the limbic system, our emotional brain, which has an enormous importance in recalling memories and which, in turn, is connected with the neocortex. The olfactory memory, therefore, allows us to immediately connect the scent we smell with a memory and with the emotion that accompanies it. We do not notice it, but each emotion has a particular smell (anger, for example, has an acid smell), this is because each one gives rise to the production of a specific hormone within the body. This almost forgotten characteristic also guides us in our relationships. Still in the womb, the first receptors that we develop are precisely those of smell (around the ninth week of gestation). Being immersed in the amniotic fluid, the baby perceives the smells carried through the fluid and is able to distinguish the different foods that the mother eats. He will then be able to recognize the smell of the mother’s skin and the taste of her milk, based on the experience lived in fetal life.
Olfactory memory is smelling a scent and perceiving a memory.

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